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The Goddess and the Greek®

Trailer: 4 min | Spoken Language: English

The Goddess and the Greek®, an inspiring and romantic love story.....Coming Next Year!
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Ancient Greek fluted, ionic-style marble column or pillar as a decorative webpage element.
An inspiring and romantic love story!

​Travel to Greece and experience a wonderful, traditional Greek Islands village style wedding in Santorini. Follow the couple as they prepare for their special day. From the coordinator to the flowers, the photos, the food, the hotel, the church/venue, the reception and the donkey limousine!

It is with great joy that we invite you to join a Modern Day Couple as they find true love and take-on ancient Greek wedding traditions on two continents! Hearts melt and philosophies and opposite worlds collide when a beautiful goddess, self-help author/enlightenment coach and a scientifically minded, divorced dental geek are attracted to each other and fall in love in their 40’s.

After their Destination Wedding, join the couple as they enjoy their Honeymoon in Greece and all that they discover on their romantic journey: the archaeological sites-to-see, the things-to-do, the cuisine, the culture and the warm people of the Mediterranean.

Starring Cynthia Daddona (The Goddess) and James Stathis (The Greek or G®eek).

The Goddess and the Greek® in Santorini, Greece

The Goddess and the Greek®

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The Goddess and the Greek® in Santorini, Greece
The Goddess & the Greek®
Picture Gallery from The Goddess and the Greek® or Geek® (click on images to enlarge)
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