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Romantic Rivieras of Greece,
the Greek Islands, Italy & Beyond!

Trailer: 2 min | Spoken Language: English

Romantic Rivieras - Greece, the Greek Islands, Italy & Beyond (5 Episodes)
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Ancient Greek fluted, ionic-style marble column or pillar as a decorative webpage element.
Cynthia Daddona says, "Staying at the Kosta Mare Palace Resort & Spa, well, can turn you into a Greek Goddess!"

Cynthia Daddona as "AphFoodite,"
the Greek Goddess of Food.

France has its Riviera, Italy has its Riviera, but Greece has no Riviera? Greece has many Rivieras!

​So where exactly are the Greek Rivieras? Well, everywhere you know the famous Mediterranean rivieras to be as most of the riviera locations in France, Italy, Monaco and Spain were founded by Greek colonists from Ancient Greece! 

There’s the French Riviera, the Italian Riviera, the Mayan Riviera, the American Riviera, the Mexican Riviera and now, the Greek Rivieras of Greece and the Islands.  From the Athens Riviera to the Riviera Islands of Santorini, Crete, Naxos, Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos, Rhodes, Corfu, Skiathos and more!

Follow our award-winning host, lifestyle journalist and author, CYNTHIA DADDONA as she explores the Rivieras of the world and, yes, even a big city like Athens has one.

Starring Cynthia Daddona (The Goddess) and James Stathis (The Greek or G®eek).

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The Goddess and the Greek® at the Santa Barbara, California Greek Festival!
The Goddess and the Greek®
in Santa Barbara, California
Picture Gallery from The Romantic Rivieras of Greece, Greek Islands, Italy & Beyond