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Greek Independence Day USA

Greek Independence Day USA
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111 min  |  Spoken Languages: English
                 Automated English subtitles

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Prof. Paul Kapetanopoulos, producer and host.

Prof. Paul Kapetanopoulos

Greek Independence Day Celebrations in America. Parades, Floats, Interviews and more in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Toronto and Tarpon Springs, Florida.

This documentary combines interviews in the English Language (95%) as well as Greek Independence Day Parades and Celebrations in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Toronto (Canada) and Tarpon Springs, Florida. The Hellenic War for Independence began on March 25, 1821 and it took another 91 years to liberate Epirus and Macedonia from the Turks in the Balkan Wars after more than 400 years of slavery. The struggle went on for the Greeks in World War I. Interviews from surviviors give us an understanding of this constant vigil for freedom including the genocide of the Greek people of Asia Minor where up to two million Greeks were killed between 1915-1922. And most importantly, Greece's critical role in World War II which led to the allied victory. Greece lost four times more people than the United States, including the battle against the communist who invaded Greece after the war. All these heroes fought for freedom and are honored in this video.
(English language version of "Zhto H Ellas")

Written, produced and hosted by Prof. Paul Kapetanopoulos.

DVD cover for the documentary, "Greek Independence Day USA."
DVD Cover
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