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Andy R., Testimonial Confirmation

Andy R, Arizona

I thought Dr. Stathis' classes were excellent.  He obviously loves Greece and is very knowledgeable.  I enjoyed every minute of information and his enthusiastic presentation.  Superb!

Tom Stachon Photo Public

Tom Stachon,
Governing Council
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute  (OLLI)

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This was one of the best presentations I've seen in an OLLI classroom.

Melanie Hohnbaum OLLI Testimonial Confirmation

Melanie Hohnbaum

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I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Stathis' class about Greece!  He did a wonderful job of connecting the ancient and the modern and presenting the lifestyle of Greeks very well, particularly for those who haven’t been there.

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Anthony D., Connecticut

Anthony D. - Connecticut

I learned so much and was entertained throughout all the presentations!

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Denny Mishler

Denny Mishler

I found the classes very interesting as James & Cynthia are experienced travelers and make a great team.

Speaker Profiles

Speaker Profiles

Dr. James Stathis & Cynthia Daddona-Stathis often present as a team (only one cabin/suite necessary!) having presented on Crystal Cruises and Viking Cruises.  James & Cynthia can appear independently or as co-presenters.  Either single or double, live appearance presentations requires that travel arrangements be pre-paid prior to any presentations being begun.  Fill out our No-Obligation, Speaker/Presentation Request Form or Contact us

Dr. James Stathis

Dr. James Stathis

Dr. James Stathis is the founder of, which produces, curates and offers documentary TV programs exploring modern and ancient Greece and whose mission is providing original Greek-themed TV documentaries produced by while representing aligned filmmakers. James speaks on Ancient Greece: history, art, culture, archaeology and architecture.

James Stathis and Cynthia Daddona on the red carpet at Los Angeles Taste Awards in Beverly Hills, California

Cynthia Daddona

Cynthia Daddona is an author, an award-winning on-camera personality/interviewer, actress (SAG-AFTRA), wellbeing lifestyle expert/journalist, and life coach. Cynthia speaks/presents on a variety of topics including Greek/Italian food & culture, wellbeing (longevity, health, home) and, Spirituality (Visionboards, loving oneself, affirmative mindset, etc.)

More Revews and Testimonials
I so looked forward to this class! The Powerpoint presentations were great and much more than just a "tour" discussion. Motivated me to return to Greece--booked a tour! 
A+.  A very well constructed, balanced, and entertaining narrative. Excellent use of many sources and visuals to explain the relevant timeline, geography, and historical figures. Clearly distinguished the sources, facts, conjecture, alternative interpretations, and personal opinion, when tying together a provocative theory that Santorini could be Atlantis.
A wonderful course with such a knowledgeable facilitator. I wish the course had been 6-weeks because Greek contributions are so abundant. Great balance of videos and discussion was effective.
Superb presentations. It was clear the instructor is well versed in the subject matter.
Dr. Stathis is a great ambassador of Greece.
The class was one I anticipated!
Dr. Stathis knows and lovingly shares his topic.  Enthusiastically presented with beautiful imagery. He is a treasure chest of knowledge.
First class & passionate about the topic.  Dr. Stathis is great and engaging. 
Knowledgeable about Greek history, the culture and shares interesting stories.
Outstanding class.
Good materials, leadership and discussions.
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