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I thought Dr. Stathis' classes were excellent.  He obviously loves Greece and is very knowledgeable.  I enjoyed every minute of information and his enthusiastic presentation.  Superb!
- Andy R., Arizona
Andy R., Prescott Arizona
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This was one of the best presentations I've seen in an OLLI classroom.
- Tom Stachon, Governing Council - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (Prescott)
I learned so much and was entertained throughout all the presentations!
- Anthony D., Connecticut
I thoroughly enjoyed his class about Greece!  He did a wonderful job of connecting the ancient and the modern and presenting the lifestyle of Greeks very well, particularly for those who haven’t been there.
- Melanie Hohnbaum
I found the classes very interesting as James & Cynthia are experienced travelers and make a great team.
- Denny Mishler
Dennis Mishler Perdue University Prescott Arizona

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More Actual Attendee Comments from Latest Presentations:

A+. A very well constructed, balanced, and entertaining narrative. Excellent use of many sources and visuals to explain the relevant timeline, geography, and historical figures. Clearly distinguished the sources, facts, conjecture, alternative interpretations, and personal opinion, when tying together a provocative theory that santorini could be Atlantis.

Superb presentations. It was clear the instructor is well versed in the subject matter.

I so looked forward to this class! The Powerpoint presentations were great and much more than just a "tour" discussion. Motivated me to return to Greece--booked a tour! 

A wonderful course with such a knowledgeable facilitator. I wish the course had been 6-weeks because Greek contributions are so abundant. Great balance of videos and discussion was effective.

James is a great ambassador of Greece. The class was one I anticipated every week!

Knowledgeable about Greek history, the culture and shares interesting stories.

First class & passionate about the topic.  James is great and engaging. 

James knows and lovingly shares his topic.  Enthusiastically presented with beautiful imagery. He is a treasure chest of knowledge.

Outstanding class. Good materials, leadership and discussions.


Dr. James Stathis & Cynthia Daddona-Stathis often present as a team (only one cabin/suite necessary!) having presented on Crystal Cruises and Viking Cruises.  James & Cynthia Daddona-Stathis can appear independently or as co-presenters. (only one cabin/suite necessary); Either single or double live appearance presentations requires that travel arrangements be pre-paid prior to any presentations being begun.
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Dr. James Stathis is the founder of CelebrateGreece.com, which produces, archives and offers documentary TV journeys exploring modern and ancient Greece and whose mission is providing original Greek-themed TV documentaries produced by CelebrateGreece.com while representing aligned filmmakers. James speaks on Ancient Greece: history, art, culture, archaeology and architecture. Dr. James Stathis
Cynthia Daddona is an author, an award-winning on-camera personality/interviewer, actress (SAG-AFTRA), wellbeing lifestyle expert/journalist, and life coach. Cynthia speaks/presents on a variety of topics including Greek/Italian food & culture, wellbeing (longevity, health, home) and, Spirituality (Visionboards, loving oneself, affirmative mindset, etc.) Cynthia Daddona and Dr. James Stathis



"Santorini is Atlantis, fact or fiction?" Discover possible historical events and clues behind Plato’s legendary tale of Atlantis.

"The Olympics and the Other Ancient Greek Athletic Games." Learn about the Olympics and the many other athletic games in ancient Greece.

"Ancient Greece in Venice, Italy." Shine light on the Ancient Greek art, architecture and people who inspired the Italian Renaissance.

"The fabled Greek Island of Corfu, Greece." Explore Corfu’s ancient historical highlights and Easter traditions on Greece’s day of celebration.

"Ancient Inventions and Innovations from Greece." Discover many of the innovations and inventions from Ancient Greece and their influences on the world.

"2,500th Anniversaries of Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis"
Celebrate the Greek victories over the invading Persian Empire with Miltiades at the Battle of Marathon (490 BC), Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae and Themistocles at the naval Battle of Salamis. Victory meant the birth of Western Civilization and the Golden Age of Greece was free to flower.

"Crete: The Myths, Legends and Facts of the Minoans" Explore the first royalty on the European continent which had a main palace, Knossos, steeped in legends of a Minotaur, Heroes and more.

"Athens: Classical Capital of Artists, Architects, Philosophers, Heroes and Statesmen." Explore the history and culture of Athena’s ancient and modern city.

"Istanbul, a Tale of Three Cities."
Learn about the three cities between two seas equaling one amazing place.

"Delos and Ephesus, A Tale of Two Ancient Cities." Journey to the sacred Greek island of Delos (near Mykonos), site of the births of the Olympian Gods Apollo and Artemis. Plus, the ancient streets and archaeology of Magnificent Ephesus in modern day Turkey.

"Delphi, Apollo’s Lair." Explore the most famous of the Oracles of Ancient Greece.

"Rome and Magna Graecia. (ancient “Greater Greece”)"
Follow the Romans as torch bearers of ancient Greek culture, art and architecture.

"Documentary Filmmaking in Greece, Turkey and Italy." Follow along with the opportunities, the trials, the exhilaration and the aftermath of a documentary filmmaker of the Ancient World.

"Ancient Art is History." Learn how art can provide us ancient ’photographs’ of people, places and events. The famous Greek Bronze Age mythological names and events - Might they be historical?

"Shepherd-Man! The Superhuman Powers of a Simple Shepherd." Explore the heroism of the common shepherd. They have been the scourge of Goliath, the 300 Spartans, Hitler and non-believers. Can they be stopped?

"The Troy of Homer and Schliemann." Explore the city whose fame will far outlast the last physical evidence of its existence. Homer documented it; Schliemann excavated it.

"The Hero’s Journey on the Sea - Retracing Odysseus' Voyage in Homer’s Odyssey"
Follow the hero’s journey on the sea - Retracing Odysseus' famous voyage in Homer’s Odyssey.

"The Hero’s Journey on the Sea - Retracing the Voyage of Jason and the Argonauts" Retrace the voyage and locations of Jason and the Argonauts.

"Greece’s Ancient Rivieras." Explore the Greek origins of the Rivieras of France, Monaco and Italy.

"Residential Real Estate in Ancient Greece, Deal or No Deal?" Exploring community, homes and hearth in Modern and Ancient Greece.

"The Monasteries of Greece " Explore Greece’s Orthodox Christian spiritual centers.

"The Four Wonders of Ancient Greece."
Explore the Temple of Artemis (Ephesus), the Colossus of Rhodes, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the statue of Olympian Zeus (Olympia).


Greek/Italian food & Culture; Well Being (longevity, health, home) and, Spirituality (Positivity, Vision Boards, Loving Oneself, Meditation, etc.)

Notice: We may feel inclined to lead an impromptu Greek dance lesson after a presentation, especially on the various ship dance floors. We hope you can join us!