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Modern and Ancient Greece Collections and more!

Broadcast Quality Stock Footage
Royalty Free

Locations, Aerials, Ruins, Artwork, Re-Enactments and More!

Not a 3D Model, but the real statue of
Spartan General Leonidas,
leader of the 300 Spartans.

Rare, 4K Aerial Drone Stock Footage of the only
full-scale replica of an ancient Athenian trireme warship,
The Olympias, at sea and not idle in the museum.
Sample Video Using a Small Portion of
Our Re-Enactment Stock Footage Collections

    Choose from our nearly 3,000 video clips exclusively sold on Pond560+ Collections
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Need Real-Enactments Stock Footage?
   Re-enactments: Battles of Thermopylae, Marathon, Salamis & Plataea. Ancient Sparta, Athens, Military,    ShipsAncient Persia

• We have the only 4K drone stock footage of the only existing full-scale replica of an Ancient Greece    Trireme warship, The Olympias, while underway at sea and not in its usual museum display!

• Did you know that the movie 300 depicted the Battle of Thermopylae

• Need video of Atlantis (Santorini)Trojan WarLeonidasHelen of Troy?

• There were at least five ancient sporting games and festivals besides ancient Olympics at Olympia.

• Did you know Hercules was the founder of the ancient Olympics and was born at Tiryns, Greece?

• Do you know where Hades is?

• Did you know the original Marathon (running race) occurred in 490 B.C.?

Stock Footage Collection
Stock Footage Collections
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