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Northern Epirus is Greece!

Northern Epirus is Greece!
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76 min  |  Spoken Languages:
                 80% English & 20% Greek
              Automated English subtitles

Ancient Greek fluted, ionic-style marble column or pillar as a decorative webpage element.
Prof. Paul Kapetanopoulos, producer and host

Prof. Paul Kapetanopoulos

Greece helped the Allies win World War I and II, yet their promise to return Northern Epirus to Greece has never been fulfilled.

This documentary features the Northern Epirotic struggle for freedom for their 400,000 compatriots trapped in what has been called Albania. Since 1920 they have been fighting to restore their civil liberties and to return Northern Epirus to Greece. The mother of Alexander the Great was from ancient Epirus, Greece.

In-depth interviews with Greek-Americans filmed at Greek Independence Day Parades in New York City, Chicago, Boston and Tarpon Springs, Florida, the OXI Day Parade in Toronto, Canada, and the Demonstration for Macedonia in front of the United Nations.

Written, produced and hosted by Prof. Paul Kapetanopoulos.

DVD cover image for the documentary, "Northern Epirus is Greece!"
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