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Advertise with us using our targeted, English-Language email blasts!  If you would like to promote yourself or event to Greeks and Philhellenes around the world or around the corner, consider using's targeted, English-language e-blasts.  However, your advertisement(s) may be in any language.

Two Types of Advertisements:

Popular dates and upcoming events for newsletter sends available for your advertisements:

In addition to the following special newsletter sends, there are also many regular newsletters available all year long: Examples, Greek Independence Day (March 25); Orthodox Easter (April or May); Greek Festival Season (download a sample Greek festival newsletter); Travel Season; and Special Events (i.e., Olympic years, etc.)

What are the costs to advertise with us on our email newsletter?
Newsletter ads must be 75 words or less and includes a link to your website.
('s Media Kit and Rate Sheet for ads on our  webpages, newsletters and video players: please download the PDF)


• Option 1: To advertise an Event priced under $50 (no image, text only) OR to promote your informational press release (one image allowed) - $50

• Option 2: To advertise an Event priced over $50 (no image, text only) - $100

• Option 3: To advertise any Single Event, Product or Service (one JPEG image) OR to promote any Press Release including fundraising (up to 200 words) - $125

• Option 4:  To advertise Multiple Events, Products, Services, etc. (one JPEG image); Options 3 and 4 are Dedicated email blasts for a date you select (up to 200 words) - $150

Ads are sent out once via email; for additional sends of same item a 50% discount applies; maximum of 3 same blasts in a month be courteous to our list receivers. :)

Important Details:
All advertisements must be approved by  Consideration is only given to events, products, services, projects or news releases that are specifically directed toward's general mission. reserves the right to deny advertising that it feels is not aligned with's mission or if the ad conflicts with a product, service, news release or event.

Ready to Submit Your Ad for Approval?
To submit an ad for consideration on our Newsletters and/or dedicated emails (Options 3 and 4 above), email us at  Ads(at sign)

Email Blast(s) Advertising Options



Acceptable payment methods include Credit/Debit via the Paypal link above OR via Money Order payable to "" by mail/post to; 303 E. Gurley Street, #401; Prescott, Arizona 86301-3804 USA".  Our link is  Sorry, no refunds.

Contact with ANY questions about advertising either on the website, the newsletter or for video content licensing opportunities.


Our television programs, displaying the branded logo, enjoy millions of views in over 58 countries on countless streaming platforms. website enjoys hundreds of thousands of unique views weekly and our CelebrateGreece YouTube channel has 300,000+ views and our CelebrateGreeceClips YouTube channel has 175,000+ views. 

Sample Newsletter download or just scroll down this page.

Contact about advertising either on the website, newsletter or for screening/distribution licensing opportunities for our television programs. Your advertisement may be in any language.  Our email subscriber list is highly targeted and your advertisement(s) on our newsletter can be targeted to the following personal demographics, regions and groups:

PERSONAL DEMOGRAPHICS (email/newsletter list targeting):

• Males, Females, Greek

Greece, United States, Southern California, Central California, Northern California, USA Northwest, USA Mountain, USA Midwest, USA Northeast, USA Southeast, USA Alaska, USA Hawaii, Canada West, Canada Central, Canada East, Australia, England, Europe Western, Europe Eastern , Cyprus, Russia, China, Japan, Asia (Not Japan Or China), Middle East (Arab), Middle East (Christian & Jew), Mexico & Central America, South America
• Targeted Email GROUPS:
Armenians, Buyer The First War for Western Civilization video title, Buyer's own video titles, Buyer Modern Greece History video titles, Buyer Hippocrates/Athlos video titles, Buyer Kallisti video Title, Churches Greek USA, Churches Greek Canada, Churches Greek Australia, Churches Greece, Food interests, Greek Societies & Associations, Networks Greek, Restaurants Greece, Restaurants Greek North America, Restaurants Greek Australia, Scholars Classics, Travel Industry Greece, Wedding Coordinators Greece, Wine Industry Greece


Contact about advertising either on the website, newsletter or for screening/distribution licensing opportunities for our television programs.

- Interested in using some of our video clips or images of Greece for your video ads or non-video ads?
- Interested in a screening license for any of our programs?

Targeted Email Groups
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