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Olympics (Part 2 of 2): The Quest for the Athlos

53 min  |  Spoken Language: English

Olympics, Part 2: The Quest for the Athlos (55 Minutes)
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DVD covers for "Hippocrates in Olympia" and "The Quest for the Athlos".

To the ancient Greeks, athletics made gods and heroes of men.

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To the ancient Greeks, athletics made gods and heroes of men.
Hosted & Narrated by Academy Award® winner, the late, great Sir Peter Ustinov

The Olympics:
Part One: Hippocrates in Olympia
Part Two: The Quest for the Athlos ("Athlos" meaning, "Participation in Athletics")

Narrated by two-time Academy-Award Winner the late Sir Peter Ustinov, this program journeys among the ruins of antiquity to depict ancient stadiums and gymnasiums and to discover where the spirit of peaceful contest was cultivated.

Athlos - participating in athletics - initially defined these significant deeds: the pursuit of perfection through creative activities that involve physical endurance and skill, as well as virtue, energy, beauty, and health.

An insightful and thorough examination of the basis upon which the Greek ideals of athleticism and sportsmanship were formed.

This 53-minute (Part Two) TV program was filmed in a classic documentary style infused with beautiful and original music scored by Maestro Yannis Markopoulos. Prominent in this visually rich presentation are actual ancient artifacts from many of the great archaeological sites and museums found in Greece.

Host and Narrator, Oscar Winning Actor Sir Peter Ustinov in Olympia, Greece.
Telly Award
Telly Award
Picture Gallery from The Quest for the Athlos  (Part 2 of 2)  (click on images to enlarge)
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