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A Romantic Italian Culinary Journey

- Italy's Amalfi Coast

A Romantic Greco-Roman Culinary Journey (Italy's Amalfi Coast)......Coming Next Year!
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Hosted by AphFoodite, the Greek Goddess of Food
(aka Cynthia Daddona)

​Join award-winning host Cynthia Daddona, an American Greco-Roman beauty and host of® on a video journey to the romantic sites and tastes of Southern Italy. Cynthia is joined by her American-Greek husband and together, known as The Goddess and the Greek®, they explore the romantic Greek and Italian wonders of Southern Italy. During their travels they attend a delicious cooking class with a famed cook and Italian “Mamma” at her private villa with spectacular views overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

The Ancient Greeks recognized their standard of cooking as an important art form inspiring Archestratos, in 330 BC, to write the first cookbook. The area of ancient Greece now known as Southern Italy and Sicily has often been referred to as Magna Graecia (Greater Greece).  This is because many cities of Southern Italy and Sicily were founded by ancient Greek colonists beginning in the 7th century BC.  As a result, the area's cooking was forever influenced by the ancient Greeks. Later, Greek gastronomy influenced many of the Mediterranean cultures and when the Romans recognized this, they soon hired Greek cooks for their kitchens and Greek cultural tutors for their children.

Starring Cynthia Daddona (The Goddess) and James Stathis (The Greek or G®eek).

Trailer: 3 min | Spoken Language: English

Staying at the Kosta Mare Palace Resort & Spa, well, can turn you into a Goddess

Cynthia Daddona as "AphFoodite"

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