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Press Releases & Information

Press Releases and Information CelebrateGreece.com
Press Releases and Information

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1) A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class  #1 New York Times' About.com Culinary-Travel DVD/Video/Download - Detail Page

2) Crete - Under the Grecian Sun, with The Goddess and the Greek.  Detail page.

3) Into the Pagan Past: A Search for Gods, Heroes and a Really Good Greek Salad (Book, eBook) - Detail Page

4) Hippocrates in Olympia, narrated by Sir Peter Ustinov - Detail Page

5) The First War for Western Civilization, hosted by Dr. Michael Scott (BBC, PBS, NOVA, History Channel, National Geographic Channel), Cambridge University.  Detail Page

6) The Quest for the Athlos, narrated by Sir Peter Ustinov - Detail Page

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There is no American reason why the Turks should not have one-third of Cyprus.
Henry Kissinger
U.S. Secretary of State (1974)