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Hippocrates in Olympia

Oscar® Winning Actor Sir Peter Ustinov narrates.

Hippocrates in Olympia
Famous quote from Hippocrates

The Father of Medicine uses his advanced holistic medical techniques on the revered athletes at the ancient Olympic Games.

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Hippocrates in Olympia and The Quest for the Athlos

One Package, 2-DVD Set

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Hippocrates in Olympia
The Quest for the Athlos

This DVD is also available together as a 2-DVD Collector's Edition with its companion DVD, THE QUEST FOR THE ATHLOS, in a single delivered package direct from Amazon.com.  Both programs are narrated by Sir Peter Ustinov.  Learn more >>

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Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, has been passionately studied for centuries for being the first pioneer into what we now know as the field of modern day health care.

In addition to his famous Hippocratic Oath, his fascinating life is beautifully portrayed in this one-hour documentary entitled “Olympics: Hippocrates in Olympia”, by George Petritsis, based on the book “Medical Care During the Ancient Olympic Games” by Christos Lolas, M.D., and narrated by Academy Award® winner, the late, great Sir Peter Ustinov. This documentary is believed to have been Peter Ustinov's final narration and his mellifluous voice adds additional richness to this magnificent work.

This 52-minute gem was filmed in a classic documentary style infused with beautiful and original music scored by Maestro Yannis Markopoulos. Prominent in this visually rich presentation are actual ancient artifacts from many of the great archaeological sites and museums found in Greece.

“Hippocrates in Olympia” focuses on the fascination of Hippocrates and his advanced holistic medical beliefs, while investigating a closely related subject, namely the medical care of the revered athletes during the ancient Olympic Games. It was of vital importance in that era that the sportsmen of the day were kept in perfect health in order to provide the much loved entertainment to the leading dignitaries, artists and philosophers in attendance at the ultimate sports festival.

Based on the book Medical Care at the Ancient Olympic Games  by Christos Lolas, MD (ISBN:  960-210-462-7)

(Greek Subtitles Option Available Only on the DVD)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9815714-3-0 (NTSC);  978-0-9815714-5-4 (PAL)
ISBN-10: 0-9815714-3-3 (NTSC);  0-9815714-5-X  (PAL)
UPC Barcode: 897429001080 (NTSC);  897429001134 (PAL)
Original musical score by Yannis Markopoulos

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