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Reviews for Crete - Under the Grecian Sun

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“I just watched your documentary Crete – Under the Grecian Sun this afternoon and I enjoyed it very much. The writing, editing and hosting are quite good and its fun to watch." 
— Larry Sakin, Exec. Producer – BEING GEORGE CLOONEY documentary, Radio-Host-Writer and Alternative Energy Advocate


“Crete – Under the Grecian Sun gives an overview of how to live the Mediterranean lifestyle, where to stay while in Crete, Greece, the sightseeing that’s a must, and it’s so informative without being a stuffy documentary. If you want to explore Greece and it’s culture, this is a great starting point. Cynthia Daddona’s presentation is warm, friendly and just plain fun! You can almost smell the food, feel the ocean lapping at your feet and the breeze blowing against your skin.”
– K.L., Arizona


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Goddess and the Greek’s Crete adventure! The food looked so good! I loved the interviews with the locals and the experts. Cynthia is delightful and I felt like I was on the trip with her and her husband! They made the travel look easy and overall left me with a strong desire to hop on a plane to Crete after planning my very own Greek vacay. Such a cute couple full of joy and light!. Thanks to the Goddess and the Greek!”
– Roxy Angel Superstar, California


“I thoroughly enjoyed this video. It had the unanticipated effect of lifting my spirits in addition to educating me about Cretan cuisine, sights, history and way of life. It had another surprising effect – I couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen and start preparing and cooking a meal (unusual for me). Following hosts Cynthia and James, with their delightful positive energy, I felt as if I had been to Crete myself. The video provides excellent visual details of traditional Cretan food, but it goes far beyond the food itself to emphasize the importance of the connection to the land and traditional ways of life such as taking siestas and socializing outdoors during meals. I enjoyed the excellent historical background and felt as if I were tapping into some very old and basic element of being human. I also enjoyed having a taste of the local music, dance, museums, spiritual and archaeological sites, and a visit to a 800-year-old olive tree! I appreciated the advice about what to look for in an olive oil. With excellent interviews with local hotel and taverna owners (great for shy travelers like me), the video is nothing short of a celebration of life.”

– Amazon Customer

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