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GREECE: Spirits of the Ancients®

Showcasing the amazing times, stories and accomplishments from 1,500 years of ancient Greece through the eyes of the ancients themselves.  Please make a donation of any size to help with finishing funds for Greece: Spirits of the Ancients® (Learn more...)

(Note: There may be no soundtrack heard during playback.  YouTube is working to re-activate it upon confirmation of our agreement with Yanni-- 23rd Street Publishing.)  Can't see video?

Donations of any size are appreciated to help us finish this documentary.

Showcasing the amazing times, stories and accomplishments from ancient Greece that have touched many individuals, societies and cultures of our world.  This program innovatively combines ancient art interactively placed in its actual historical locations inviting audiences to experience Greece through the eyes of the ancients themselves.


What I have seen of Dr. Stathis' video impresses me enormously.  Image and subtle effect capture the immortal spirit, the soul of Greece...Mine is a very strong endorsement of his work.

                   -- Professor Apostolos N. Athanassakis, Argyropoulos Chair in Hellenic Studies, University of California, Department of Classics, Santa Barbara. Author of:The Homeric Hymns; The Orphic Hymns; and Hesiod: Theogony, Works and Days, Shield. Professor Athanassakis was seen on the History Channel's presentation of The Rise and Fall of the Spartans.  He was also a contributing scholar to the IMAX Movie Greece: Secrets of the Past.

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The program, A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class, filmed in Santorini, has it all: Comedy, Food, and Romance! What a little treasure this DVD is!
Terry Keramaris

A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class is a very entertaining program filmed in Santorini, Greece. Cynthia Daddona's improv comedy skills shine through! More...

Hellenic Journal