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  • Welcome to our affiliation, or syndication, page for our internet video players and programs. This automatically allows you to SHOW our video players and SELL our downloadable and streaming video programs on your own website.

    Learn more about re-selling our DVDs and Books via wholesale.

    CelebrateGreece.com's affiliate marketing program allows you to SHOW and SELL our compelling downloadable content on YOUR website. This allows visitors to enjoy our content by buying on YOUR site. BEST of all, YOU can receive up to 15% referral fee payments (affiliate fees) and get paid automatically to your bank account. All you have to do is put simple links on your site and...that's it! It simply doesn't get easier than this!  (not all videos below are available for DVD and/or streaming/download sale affiliation).

    Video Player Syndication allows you to put our free video players on your website.  Just choose a video below, copy the embed code and place the video player onto your own website.

    Current participants in the CelebrateGreece.com affiliates program include large, well-known sites, niche content sites and blogs, comparison shopping engines, search engine marketers, and everything in between...AND NOW YOUR WEBSITE!

    How the Program Works

  • As an affiliate, CelebrateGreece.com helps drive internet traffic to YOUR website.

  • As our affiliate, YOU can earn up referral payments fees on all qualifying revenue made from our products through your website's link(s). The more of your website's visitors who buy our content on your site, the more money YOU make. It's that easy.

  • YOU receive monthly payments. YOU can track your sales and other activity through specially generated links for your website.

  • Participation is Easy and Free

  • Sign up for Amazon.com's Affiliate Program at https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ and follow directions.  You only have to sign up once.

    Amazon Associates Logo

    When creating affiliate links through the Amazon Affiliate Program, search for our products available (see our choices below) at Amazon by category (Video On Demand).

    Post your Amazon's specially generated links (HTML code) on to YOUR website's page(s).  Amazon will begin tracking your traffic and earnings.   Amazon will pay you monthly automatically to your bank account, pending qualifying minimum sales volume.  If you don't achieve a qualifying minimum volume of referral payments in one month, those payments will be carried over to your next month(s) payments until you have a minimum accumulated volume at which time you will be paid.  That's it!

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    PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FOR AFFILIATION/Syndication: (click on any image for more information)

  • I've seen videos of what CelebrateGreece.com's media team is capable of producing and look forward to enjoying more.
    Nia Vardalos, movie star & writer
    Star and Oscar Nominated Screenwriter for My Big Fat Greek Wedding