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Movie: My Life In Ruins

MY LIFE IN RUINS - CelebrateGreece.com's Video Coverage of the movie's Premiere & Interviews from CelebrateGreece.com.  See our review.

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Movie Review from CelebrateGreece.com

With this movie you will laugh.  This is a feel good movie.

Some of the "critics" have panned it, but when we went to the theater everyone laughed throughout and applauded at the end. Remember, some of the ‘critics’ also didn’t like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".  If I recall, at least a few million people saw that one and continue to watch it and talk about it.

"My Life In Ruins" is simply fun and lighthearted.  Sometimes silly, this movie is not a deep, dark film that many ‘critics’ thirst for, I assure you it will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone.  When was the last time you heard a critic use those words?  The movie
showcases the romance, travel and wonder that is Greece.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was an independent film that could stay in theaters longer to gain support.  This is how "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" became wildly successful.  Back then, theatergoers had the chance to spread word-of-mouth and cause the silent majority, who rarely go to movie theaters, to also support it.  

"My Life In Ruins" is a studio film (FOX Searchlight, kudos by the way!), so it needed to do well the very first weekend to avoid leaving theaters early.  Unfortunately, those same moviegoers who made "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" a runaway success may not have had the time to mobilize the troops again.

So if you wish more lighthearted, family fun in your future, this is your movie.  What's better than a fun, $10-vacation to Greece with your family?


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