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Fox FBN "Bull and Bears" Panelist Slams Learning 'Greek' in College

Though everyone agrees that college tuition debt today is out of control, we disagree with @BullsBearsFBN analyst Gary B. Smith’s commentary today when he contradicted himself saying one of the ways of reducing tuition debt is, “The only way to make college affordable is two pronged: 1) To go back to the roots, the Harvard Universities,...the private colleges...have them compete in the free marketplace; and, 2) College is not the answer for the great majority of people out there...What they should be learning is computer programming skills, computer technical skills... [which] are much more applicable then four years of learning Greek, for example.”  

To educate Mr. Smith, the original learning institutions or schools were in Greece, namely Plato’s ‘Academy’ and Aristotle’s ‘Lyceum’ and Greek was the language spoken. Mr. Smith need only to realize that most of his own spoken words are rooted in the Greek and Latin languages.  So, to insinuate that four years of learning “Greek” is a waste of time and money for students to learn and for 4-year learning institutions to provide, well, we feel Mr. Smith made the best argument against.  By the way, the Greeks invented the first computer, the Antikythera Mechanism, which is in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.  Oh, and the writing on it is in Greek!

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What I have seen of CelebrateGreece.com's video impresses me enormously. Image and subtle effect capture the immortal spirit, the soul of Greece...Mine is a very strong endorsement of its work.
Prof. Apostolos Athanassakis
Professor Emeritus, Argyropoulos Chair in Hellenic Studies, University of California, Department of Classics, Santa Barbara