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Cyprus in Your Heart

CelebrateGreece.com is now Celebrating Cyprus!

Cyprus in Your Heart

As the easternmost island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is a natural bridge to destinations east and west. An exceptionally safe environment and visible commitment to the highest standards in travel placed Cyprus among the premier cruising centers of the Mediterranean with a growing number of cruise lines visiting the new port of Limassol.

Cyprus’ strategic location, modern infrastructure, and numerous historical attractions are attracting a growing number of international cruise lines to visit the new port Limassol, on itineraries combining visits in Mediterranean, N. Africa, and Europe. In 2019 Cunard, MSC, Costa, Viking, Azamara, Holland America are some of the major cruise lines that sail to the port of Limassol. Their interest in Cyprus is transforming the island Republic into the cruise hub of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cruise passengers, in particular, enjoy visiting more than one country during a single vacation and Cyprus is ideally situated for cruises that allow passengers to visit several Mediterranean and European destinations on one voyage. Upon arrival at the harbor of Limassol, cruise visitors may choose to visit the capital, Nicosia, to see the Cyprus Archaeological museum with the richest collection of Cypriot antiquities followed by a typical “meze” lunch at a taverna in Laiki Yeitonia, the restored pedestrian area in the old part of the city. The Lemesos Castle with the Medieval Museum followed by a walk in the old part of the town and a stroll at the Lemesos Promenade.

Lovers of Byzantine art might head for the Troodos Mountains to visit a few of the ten Byzantine churches designated as world heritage sites by UNESCO or Kykko one of the island’s wealthiest monasteries. Perhaps the most popular shore excursion includes a visit to Kolossi Castle followed by a tour of the Kourion Greco Roman Theater, the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Pafos Archaeological Park with the famous mosaics at the House of Eustolios, Aion and Theseus. The whole town of Pafos has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

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